The Kindway - combines Nutritional Therapy with Kinesiology allowing for a whole body 
approach to improving and promoting optimum health and wellbeing
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Jayne Nelson DipION, KFRP, MBANT (Retired)
Nutrition and Kinesiology

Mobile : 07931 956040
Email :

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy -
Institute for Optimum Nutrition 1999
Diploma in Classical Kinesiology -
Classical Kinesiology Institute Leicester 2004
Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties -
Horsnby Institute 1987


About me
I began the long path to where I am now as a result of an early interest in adult learning difficulties. This led to training in Adult Literacy in the USA and ultimately the Hornsby diploma in the UK. Subsequent to this training and with a growing awareness of the physiological considerations contributing to learning difficulties, I trained in Neuro-Developmental Therapy, Volf and Samonas Sound Therapy. My continued exposure to an increasing number of children with hyperactivity and their mothers with panic attacks and hormone inbalances led to the training in nutritional therapy. Finally (for now - perhaps) a desire to provide a targetted and holistic approach to healthcare has taken me through training in kinesiology. My work now is concentrated in the area of nutrition and health in general.

My dissertation was a comparative study of secondary schools catering facilities which resulted in piloting and pursuing a research project for three years at a local school aiming to change children's food habits - a 'hot' topic' just now.

I am Member of the Kinesiology Federation and a Member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy in which I have had an active role for the past ten years. I am really pleased to see how well Nutritional Therapy is flourishing and thoroughly enjoy the combination of kinesiology and nutritional therapy in my practice.

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