The Kindway - combines Nutritional Therapy with Kinesiology allowing for a whole body 
approach to improving and promoting optimum health and wellbeing
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Diet - the word diet in this instance is used as a term for food choices rather than a method to restrict food intake.

Daily we inhale or eat toxins in the form of man-made chemicals, preservatives, colours, flavours, perfumes, cleaners, flame retardants, plastics etc. Convenience foods laced with salt, fat and refined sugars provide little of the micronutrients needed for our bodies to function adequately. Foods grown on mineral depleted soils no longer provide the traditionally accepted levels of minerals necessary for adequate function of body processes. Fruits and vegetables traverse the world, are often stored in vacuum conditions to prevent maturation and spoilage but once exposed to air rapidly degenerate losing valuable nutrients in the process. The result is that even if we are eating a 'well balanced diet' the likelihood is that we are not getting the nutrients we think - instead we may be getting more 'anti-nutrients' than desirable.

Your family history of illness, your past and present history of food choices and your current symptoms are all taken into consideration when advising you on how to return to better health. Any evidence of food intolerance or allergies will be assessed and guidance given on how to avoid those which may be a problem to you whilst regaining your health. Your recommendations may include a food supplement plan to speed up your recovery or maintain your health. The use of food supplements as a means of meeting any shortfall has been demonstrated both scientifically and anecdotally to greatly improve wellbeing as well as lowering risk factors associated with major degenerative diseases.

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