The Kindway - combines Nutritional Therapy with Kinesiology allowing for a whole body 
approach to improving and promoting optimum health and wellbeing
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Nutritional therapy is also a fast growing discipline though younger than kinesiology. Poor food choice, too many habit foods, poor digestion, absorption and elimination all play their part in how well we feel. With Nutritional Therapy each of these aspects are considered in relation to the symptoms of ill health being experienced.

Each system of the body has particular nutrient needs and an imbalance in these nutrients can show as signs of ill health in that system. Years ago Vitamin C was found to be deficient in people with scurvy, B1 in those with Beri Beri. These are overt symptoms of ill health but many people suffer subtle symptoms of nutrient deficiencies which contribute to how they feel. Many symptoms of ill health, associated with nutrient deficiencies, do not suddenly show as physical symptoms. It can take years of a deficiency before a system begins to become unbalanced, unwell and signs of illness appear.

Practitioners of Nutritional Therapy will provide recommendations for diet and lifestyle in order to support or prevent ailments and promote optimal health. These include guidance on lifestyle changes, exercise, natural detoxification procedures to promote colon health, methods to support digestion and absorption, the avoidance of ingestion or inhalation of toxins or allergens and the appropriate use of supplementary nutrients.

Nutritional Therapists recognise that each person is an individual who has unique dietary, nutritional and lifestyle requirements.

For more information please go to the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy -

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